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 The experts in workforce optimization

At iJility, we invest and mirror your policies and culture to create an environment that encourages success—leading our workforce to adopt your culture, develop new job skills, cross-train, and increase earning potential.

Creating an environment for success

Culture is the lifeblood of a vibrant workforce, expressed in attitudes, values, and knowledge.

iJility is about diversity

Workforce Solutions

Using the latest technology and a highly refined labor management system, we are able to create a flexible workforce that meets your SLAs and KPIs.

Our Process Integrity Programs (PIP) aligns with our client’s AQL standards. Our solutions offer accountability and are comprised of our workforce, management & engineering teams, training, quality, safety, W/C accountability and OSHA Log administration.

Now is the time to innovate.

iJility is about equal opportunity

Increase Productivity & Lower Costs

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Warehouse Workers

”Our engagement team lays the foundation for our client's success. Creating Game-Changing Partnerships is what we do.”

Campbell Diehl , Partner I Client Engagement

A Game-Changing Partnership

Our executive team has over two decades of experience, working with and supporting supply chains in eCommerce, distribution, reverse logistics, cold chain, and manufacturing.


With solutions designed, implemented, and managed by our team of Industrial Engineers and Supply Chain Operators employing Black Belt and Lean Six-Sigma industry practices, offering innovative workforce strategies that allow you to maintain control of your operations.


We offer a smart and flexible workforce.

Join our team by finding a job posting in a city near you.


Find your city. 

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Our team has over two decades of industry experience. working with and supporting supply chains in eCommerce, distribution, cold storage, reverse logistics, and manufacturing.

Meet the Team of Experts




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We employ processes and procedures that have been refined over hundreds of engagements.
We are purposeful in developing workforce solutions and driven by a



Employees win.

Training + positive performance = increased pay opportunities

Clients win.

Productivity increases & reduces overall cost per unit

iJility WIN.

Develop long term, game-changing partnerships 

iJility team
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