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Empl   yees win.
Clients win.

Our philosophy


We employ processes & procedures that have been refined over hundreds of engagements.
We are purposeful in developing workforce solutions and driven by a win/win/win philosophy. 

Increased Productivity
+ Lower Costs

Our optimization process begins with an engineered on-site iJilitySTUDY.  While on-site our Engineers review client operational data and processes to determine real-time productivity, client culture, and departmental functions. We confirm the analyzed data and observed details to develop current costs.

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We develop a solution that offers real accountability resulting in reduced direct labor costs and increased productivity.

Industries that benefit from workforce optimizations:



Medical Supplies

Life Sciences


Cold Chain


Fresh cut

Light Manufacturing

Real accountability

We invest in our workforce

Hiring Process

With the iJilityHIRE process, we offer a smart and flexible workforce. Our employees receive benefits such as medical, holidays, and paid time off.


iJility provides comprehensive payment programs that reward employees for their work contributions, in addition to hourly wages harnessing the power of an engaged workforce.

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iJilityTECH offers automated human resource management, payroll, candidate sourcing, onboarding, training, and mobile integration that communicates with our employees. 


Our powerful and agile technology platform supports evolving client, employee, and business needs.


Automated support

Training + positive performance = increased pay opportunities

Productivity increases & reduces overall cost per unit

Develop long term, game-changing partnerships 

Employees win.

Clients win.


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